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My name is Jiska. I am a Body & Mind Life Coach & Mentor, happily living in Bergamo, Italy, with my partner and 2 children.

Life has brought me experiences that I haven’t always found easy to deal with. When I was in my thirties my brain was working overtime and my body couldn’t keep up with the rhythm and the speed of my thoughts. I often felt anxious, down, and overall tired! This was a turning point in my life and I realized that life was living me, instead of me living life!

It was a ‘burn-in’ period. Slowly, I got to know myself better and better, and I started to realize what is and what was important for me in MY life. And also why I ran so far away from myself because that was what I was actually doing with living this way.

I had always been very interested in the Body & Mind connection, and it started to be a help to me. I read many books, visited counselors and coaches, and my knowledge grew and grew. I did a communication trainer course. I then also started to study and work with Mindfulness.

I moved to Italy to live with my partner, and I started my Body & Mind practice.

Are you living a hectic life and often feel that it’s getting to be a bit too much? Would you like to live more in the HERE and NOW? To live with more focus, to feel more grounded in your life and the place you live?


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My biggest frustration before working with Jiska was not being able to really listen to myself and really enjoying who I am.
I choose her because we connected so deeply during PWN Mentorship Program and I was eager to start our Mindful journey together.

I believe she is a sensitive, nice, and concrete woman; a good listener and I love her approach to life.
Talking with Jiska really empowers and stimulates me. I cannot say I solved all my problems, but for sure I have now more knowledge and useful tools!
I have a deeper understanding of how to be mindful and every time I practice, I immediately feel better, in peace.
Stress relieve and self-acceptance are my main achievements so far.

Big steps forward for me.
When I first experienced the results, I was thrilled and immensely proud of myself. Since working with her I can decompress after a stressful day and have a good night sleep.
I am coping more easily situations that I do not like and, most of all, I am not so much a control freak anymore.

Anyone who is looking for a REAL connection with themselves and with the world should work with Jiska. Anyone who is looking for encouragement and help to find the right/desired path (both on personal and professional level).
I would suggest getting to know her because she is of inspiration on so many levels: to relieve stress, anxiety, pain but also an alternative point of view that often leads to great opportunities.
People would surely miss out a great professional and human being not working with her, somebody that can read minds and souls.

She helps people succeed in this chaotic and ever-changing world, doing it with the highest respect.

Debora Parrino, EMEA Sales Ops Plan of Action and Customer & Partner Loyalty Program Lead HP, Italy

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