My biggest frustrations before working with Jiska were anxiety and the fear of making mistakes, in particular from a professional point of view.

The mindfulness coaching gave me more insights on my problem, like welcoming it and facing it without judgement; it helped me to really appreciate the present moment and made me realise I needed this deep encounter with my inner self. It helped me to understand myself better.

I learned to accept my feelings as they are: when bad thoughts arise, I welcome them but don’t allow myself to be affected by them, or at least not as much as I used to do in the past few months. I learned to let go and acknowledge. My anxiety has significantly decreased. 

I recommend working with Jiska to get a deeper knowledge about your inner self, feeling happy and empowered in the life you live. 


I didn’t wanted to invest in coaching but after talking with Jiska I felt that I had to let go of my objections. Jiska understood and recognized the moments when I got into hassle. Through her direct and correct words I felt that she connected with me at an emotional level.
I felt a warm strict approach that encouraged me to take action. It gave me confidence to go deeper inside myself. Jiska is a good listner, her feedback is strict but full of love. She confronted me with my words and ideas in an inspiring way and so afterwards I felt energized again.
She asked very good questions. At exactly the right points. That gave me a lot of confidence and security. Jiska is very good at what she does. She confronted and mirrored (regardless of judgment) and adjusted surgically, on a very high (or deep) level.

Lilian Adema, Graphic Designer, Studio Lima, The Netherland


Before working with Jiska my biggest frustration was that I was not able to focus on the NOW. I worked with a therapist before I started to work with Jiska. It was the right timing for me to work with you and I trusted you. The coaching made me aware of how to focus on the NOW and how to meditate. I am definitely less stressed as a result of the work we did. And that feels great. People who are stressed should work with you to gain a great insight on Mindfulness. Since working with you I am finally able to meditate and enjoy the present moment.

Monica Conti, Back Office, UTPVision S.r.l., Italy

The coach session and the 4-week follow-up with you helped me to get assertive on my needs in my daily family life. I take much better care of myself now and don’t put myself at last. I feel more relaxed and as a result, my sleep has improved as well.  You coached me with the right combination of lead and discover, to the answers of my questions. Your points made me think about myself, and not in a preachy way but in a nice challenging way. You are a very enjoyable coach. Thank you.

Claartje van Koppen, England

I decided to follow Mindfulness training to better become aware of how my emotions and thoughts play a big role in every day life. I learned that these come and go and that often we are taken away by them and do not live the moment with full awareness. This course led by Jiska has helped me to better understand this process and its mechanism as well as adopt techniques to go back to awareness of the present moment to gain focus and calm. It requires however daily practice, but as Jiska taught me, the first and very important step is to be aware of the process and its patterns and try to come back to the moment. I would recommend Jiska because she is a compassionate coach with a strong knowledge in the subject. She has given me a feeling of trust and confidence. She is enthusiastic and she really believes that it is possible to achieve more calmness in every day life and adopt a better way to approach situations and people.

Loredana Perrelli, Product support manager, Hewlett-Packard, The Netherlands

I experienced some anxiety and after I researched it, I felt that Mindfulness would work best for me. The coaching was absolutely worthful because of putting some time aside for ‘me’ and enjoying relaxing time out of a hectic life. I learned some very good breathing and meditation techniques which are effective. Jiska has a very gentle nature and she enjoys her coaching, therefore the sessions were very relaxing and of great benefit. A lot of her techniques I’ve taken with me into everyday life.


I began my coaching sessions with Jiska for two reasons.  I wanted to fully understand and embrace my role in supporting my partner while we travel with his work, but also figure out what role/career gives me joy and meaning.  I had felt a little lost in terms of figuring out what I can do for my own personal fulfilment while on this journey together. The role as trailing spouse was new and I needed some advice – Jiska listened to my anxieties in a non-judgemental way.  She questioned my fears in a matter of fact way and this allowed me to explore where they stem from.  I had always focused on the worry or fear itself but never its root cause. I also had some personal baggage that I had to address before I could begin this journey of wellness.

The exercises and techniques Jiska has taught me have helped me to metaphorically step back and assess situations from a place of non-judgement.  It is a process ofcourse, and while I do still have moments of doubt, now I have the right steps in place to stop my insecurities from taking over.

In the past I found that my balance of vision wasn’t right. I worried too much about the future while not being present enough in the moment.  At the same time I would do my day to day tasks without having a long term goal.  The visualisation techniques helped me to give thought to how I see our lives in the future and what I need to do in the short term to ensure this happens.

Another big topic that we covered was learning about the inner critic.  For me, it’s important to be able to recognise how to speak with myself when the inner critic is trying to take over a situation.

The coaching sessions which I did with Jiska via Skype video call were structured and well planned.  Jiska did not rush through anything and I always felt our session ended very naturally. Ending our sessions with a visualisation technique allowed me to feel extremely calm.  Some of our sessions were emotionally demanding but I felt surer of myself after each one.  The reflection report that I wrote after each session allowed me to refresh myself on what we had spoken about and these reports are good for me to read back over every so often.

Jiska gave me the opportunity to really assess what is important to me, and how to manifest it.  For me, this coaching has helped me learn more about myself and also helped me to want to care more about myself.  I would recommend Jiska as a life/wellness coach to anyone feeling like they need guidance or clarity in any aspect of life.

Jennifer, Ireland

Dear Jiska, I want to thank you for your frank, openhearted tips that give me the feeling that you are standing next to me when things are difficult. Your podcasts are easy to apply and give me a feeling of control, while also providing space – crazy, huh? I look forward to the next series.

Hanneke Heij, Co-Owner TriggerpointCoach and Psychomotor Therapist, The Netherlands

I got to know Jiska as a very warm, loving, enthusiastic and committed woman. I followed her free podcast course and thereby gained insight into exactly what stress does to my body, and also received helpful tips and gentle exercises to get back to the here and now. If you need more rest and relaxation in your mind and body, then the free podcast series are highly recommended!

Dionne Hendriks, Coach, Reader and Physiotherapist, The Netherlands

I’ve become interested in mindfulness over the years as a way to increase my own awareness and to help my clients do the same. I particularly hoped to learn how mindfulness could assist me and others be present in the here and now while still being focused on our life purpose. Jiska was very considerate of what I hoped to gain from the introduction workshop on Mindfulness, ensuring beforehand and during it my thoughts and impressions. The workshop content was detailed but not overwhelming. Jiska’s examples of meditations and mindfulness methods gave me tools I can use with myself and with my clients.
I would say do it. You will become aware of you and how much you are or are not living each moment in the here and now. Plus you will come away with a new approach to life.

Suzanne Beveridge, Leadership Coach, Italy

I did the introduction workshop on Mindfulness because I wanted to learn more about Mindfulness and to do something for myself. The workshop was informative and interesting and the atmosphere was very pleasant. I have a better idea of what mindfulness is now. I liked the explanations. It was just the right amount of information for an introduction on Mindfulness.

Kerstin Mierke, Writer and Editor, Italy

I signed up for Mindful Moving to dedicate a little time to my body & mind. I tried a yoga class which was mainly meditation, but not much physical movement. Mindful Moving is a nice mix. I like the stretching exercises a lot..

Heather MacLeod, Private English Teacher, Italy

I hoped for an insight into being a more ‘present’ indiviudal and to learn how to handle stress and emotions better. The introduction workshop on Mindfulness has given me ‘food for thought’ into what being mindful is and how it can help in everyday situation. I came away from the workshop with some techniques to become more aware, I would absolutely recommend it.

Jennifer Keane, Teaching Assistant International School, Italy

A friend gave me the introduction workshop on Mindfulness as a suprise ‘treat’ although I was a bit sceptical about what we were doing I soon felt very relaxed. I liked the calm space and the small group, intimate but enough people to share ideas and experiences.

Mandy Zolkwer, Weddingplanner I do! Italia, Italy

Last October, Jiska carried out an introductory Mindfulness workshop with the 7 year old children in my class. She taught them some basic mindfulness techniques like a body scan and encouraged them to be self-observers. Jiska had a very calm and relaxed approach which really put the children at ease. Though all children enjoyed it, some found it challenging to observe their own bodies, thoughts and emotions. Therefore I feel that a series of workshops would be necessary for children to understand the concept of mindfulness. I think that learning mindfulness techniques at a young age could serve well for maintaining a balanced emotional state throughout one’s lifetime.

Emer Downing, Grade 3 Teacher International School, Italy

I participated in the introduction workshop on Mindfulness because I wanted to understand what it was about. I enjoyed working with the other participants, and learning the basics about experiencing daily life mindfully. I would recommend it as something worth learning about, as well as something that can open your mind and help you get to know yourself better.

Francesca Morandi, Lawyer, Italy

I had read a lot about Mindfulness and wanted a ‘taster’ of what it means in practice. I was satisfied with the workshop in terms of the information I received, and I would have liked more practical work. The part I enjoyed the ost was the meditation. Concepts like altruism and meta-cognition are complex, and I would have liked more in-depth discussion of these. The workshop is very useful if you don’t know what Mindfulness is and are curious about learning more about it!

Petra Niessen, Nurse, Italy

After doing the introductory workshop on Mindfulness last year I was interested in following on with another class. Through Mindful Moving I’m becoming more aware of myself and how I feel and what I feel. It’s an enjoyable class with lovely people.

Jennifer Keane, Teaching Assistant International School, Italy

I was curious, I was hoping to relax and to experience new techniques that would help me to live better and with greater awareness. I was satisfied with the introduction workshop on Mindfulness because I understood what Mindfulness is about and how it can help me to feel better in everyday life; being in the present moment, with awareness, is fundamental. I enjoyed the meditation and the feeling of getting away from my thoughts for a while.

Serena Sacchi, Italy

A friend of mine suggested I do the introduction workshop on Mindfulness. I wanted to understand how Mindfulness can improve your life. It’s wonderful to discover that we all have the same problems and reactions, described by Jiska. Mindfulness isn’t something that can be understood in one session, but it’s interesting how you can do yourself a lot of good by doing very little.

Elena Tinazzi, Italy

I was looking for some information as a starting point to help me get my bearings and learn more about Mindfulness. The introduction workshop on Mindfulness awakens your curiosity and delves a little more deeply. I liked the practical part best. Now I would like to learn more about the history of Mindfulness and to deepen the practice.

Laura Rosti, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Studio Macramè Bergamo, Italy

I wanted to do some gentle exercise. Mindful Moving helps me to exercise without making any brusque movements, unlike aerobics. I like the balancing poses. Mindful Moving is recommended/good for relaxing and gentle movement.

Raffaella Giacomoni, Corrispondente Lingue Esterne, Italy

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