So much fear and anxiety these days….

Yes, there is virus going around, and yes, people died and are dying, and yes, not just one person…

But I’m wondering how many layers of fear you have been putting around the principal fear?

When you dive a bit deeper into your fear (scary, isn’t it? ;-)). What is your fear really about?

Has your fear grown by social media, news, television? Has your fear grown because someone died of Covid-19 around you?
Has your fear grown because the government took your freedom away of moving around?
Are you ruminating and overthinking about the future? Preoccupied?

Fear has a huge effect on your nervous system, it accelerates the sympathetic part of your nervous system what can cause all kind of symptoms, not sleeping enough, feeling anxious, depressed, not being able to think clear (a foggy mind). It makes you freeze, fight or wanting to flight.

Fear is mostly based on deeper primary collective, ancestral and personal trauma. Trauma’s are simply defined as ‘Experiences when you felt overwhelmed’.

In this moment, all living the fear around corona, it is so important to calm our nervous systems down so we’ll be able to think clear, to face our reality in a clear way and to find solutions for the obstacles we might have to overcome in the now, and after we can leave our houses again and we will return to normal life as we like to call it.

To feel safe in ourselves and to create safety for ourselves in constructive ways, are so important.

What you resist persist! And let this think in for a moment…. What does this mean for you… and for all of us? All trauma’s we lived the once with the big T’s but also the once with little t’s are reflected in our bodies.

It is through our bodies that we can really affect our nervous systems and diminish our stress, fear and anxiety. It is not rational thinking and talk therapy what will bring us relieve or healing as we used to believe for such a long time.

So, we need to connect with our bodies and specially for anxiety and fear it is a beautiful way to step in safety again and release it: Where do you feel it in your body? How does it feel? Can you observe it as scientist?

And you do not need to jump into your anxiety, but just small baby steps, getting in touch. Seeing it rather as your friend, someone who wants to keep you safe, then your enemy. You can even talk to your fear or anxiety. Ask it what it wants to tell you? What does it want to protect you for? Is there any deeper layer? Grief or sadness? Is it related with your current situation?

Just look around for a moment. Are you in a safe environment or not? Can it be related to an old situation?

Do not run away, befriend your fear and if you’re not able to befriend your fear now, then befriend your resistance, or the resistance for your resistance :-)… Small baby steps, breathing in and breathing out. Being gentle to yourself!

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