Body & Mindfulness

I teach you how to be more aware of your body, to feel how you breathe, to experience the sensations, to simply feel what is there. Is it stress, relaxation, tiredness or energy? This way your body gets the chance to tell you exactly what it needs.
Once you experience full awareness there is no place for negative thoughts, fears or worries about your body. You will learn to be aware of every sensation and thought – and without judgment. You will learn to accept your thoughts and feelings without resistance, allowing them to simply wash over you.

Imagine just how liberating that is.

‘An embodied awareness is awareness that is not only cognitive, but also experienced in the body. It is a whole, coherent experience, un- fragmented and non-dualistic, and can be experienced as a kind of inner knowing. It is this knowing that is curative’


I run workshops on Mindfulness.
For further information and to arrange a workshop, please contact me.

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