Yesterday I had my 7 month ultrasound! And my little girl is doing well!

Actually, I was not  worried but it still was nice to see her moving and see her sucking on her thumb. And it is as if things get more realistic when you see your baby on the ultrasound as well:

Yeah, you are going to be a mother again!

Visiting my gynaecologist, I was planning to ask some last questions about the birth and I had to tell him that I did not take a couse of antibiotics which he actually suggested. We had a nice conversation.

He told me that for the protocol he had to ask me to do the tampone vaginale and if this is positive he had to prescribe me antibiotics. He said if I had not done this and your baby had been born prematurely, I would have been responsible in the end. Talking a bit, I realised how often doctors are under pressure from their protocols and patients. And they are not allowed to make any mistakes. I think being a critical patient is ok, but we also have to take responsibility for things and see that our doctors are also human beings who can make mistakes. The fact that I decided not to take the antibiotics was my choice and so for him there was no risk anymore, but for me there was a week of informing myself well and some stress before deciding ;-(…

I was thinking later about the conversation and the thought popped up that we tend to get ino a kind of rational process through these protocols and the doctors who do not want to take risks, instead of really caring for and being busy with what is there….

I also tried to evaluate my delivery of Niccolò, my first child, since I would like some things to be different this time. I told him that I would have loved to do my delivery or at least a part in the water but that the midwife wanted to monitor me constantly and she did not let me in… I found out that here in Italy with babyies heavier than 4 kilograms they often don’t want mothers to deliver in the water since they may need some special manoeuvres (thinking about the shoulders) to get them out! I was amazed, since in the Netherlands, a lot of babies weigh 4 or more kilos J and these moms do deliver in water… A cultural difference again!!

Nevertheless it seems that this baby may weigh a little less and so hopefully my dream will come true!

In the meanwhile I’m still finding out if I can’t find a midwife who will visit me at home when the dilation starts to have some support and someone to help me to decide when it is the right time to go to the hospital! Actually this is the way in which we are used to doing this in the Netherlands ;-)!

For now just a quick update from this mother who is preparing for a new delivery in the most natural way as possible with the circumstances and the culture she lives in.

Please share with me your experiences, thoughts and emotions! So curious to hear! You can also always email me at

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